Chemical Receiving

ChemCentral provides comprehensive cradle-to-grave chemical management for all research chemicals in various UCSF building!

What we aim to do

Our goal is to assist labs in their research by giving them more time to focus on their work. We do this by cutting down the time it would take them to receive their packages, add it to their inventory, and toss all packaging materials. By doing all of this for the labs, it also greatly improves inventory accuracy which is a win for everyone!

Chemical receiving in select buildings

We currently do chemical receiving for the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Neurosciences Building located in Mission Bay. 

We also provide this service to our newest location at Pride Hall located near Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG).

Chemical Receiving for our Parnassus location is still pending, and we are aiming to provide this service early 2025! 

The next few locations that will provide chemical receiving will be Genentech Hall and Rock Hall in Mission Bay. Projected start for that will be mid-late 2024!

How Our Process Works

ChemCentral account must be made prior so that we can receive your chemicals and add them to your lab's inventory. 

If you are located at one of the select locations that have ChemCentral and chemical receiving available to them, then here is a quick run down of how our process works. 

  1. Chemicals that are bought through BearBuy (with a commodity code deeming a hazardous chemical) will have the ship-to address automatically changed and rerouted to our ChemCentral address and room during the checkout process.                                                                                                  • 2540 23rd Street, Room 2551 for Pride Hall                                                                                    • 1651 4th Street, Room 167 for the Weill Building

  2. Orders will be delivered to either of the ChemCentral locations depending on which building you ordered from. Once we receive it at ChemCentral, we unpack and inventory the items into the respective labs. We dispose of all excess packaging materials and keep all important documents.

  3. After inventorying the item, we contact the person via email who's name is on the Attention-to line of the package. We inform them that we have a package ready for pick-up at ChemCentral for Pride Hall. For the Weill building, we delivery the items to a designated drop zone for that lab. In both scenarios, we attach a picture of the items onto the email. See location specific pages on our website for more details.


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