Caroline Hedge

ChemCentral Program Manager 

Caroline Hedge serves as UCSF’s first Chemical Management Program Manager. Caroline is a Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer and received her Bachelor of Environmental Chemistry from the University of British Columbia. Known for her service-centric philosophy and strong commitment to safety, Caroline has collaborated with a variety of stakeholders and leaders across UCSF to launch ChemCentral. As Program Manager, she works closely with stakeholders and the research community to deliver high-quality services and exceptional results that enhance the ease, safety, and sustainability of the chemical supply chain at UCSF. 





Amanda Kurpieski

ChemCentral Supervisor

Amanda Kurpieski is the ChemCentral Supervisor, and she received her Bachelor of Environmental Science, focusing in Toxicology, from the University of California, Riverside. Amanda is passionate about chemical safety and prior to ChemCentral, she led the UC Chemicals implementation at UCSF under the Office of Environment, Health and Safety. She strives to provide excellent service to the research community and ultimately make our community safer through smart chemical management practices.  



Karina Ky

Senior Chemical Management Specialist

Karina Ky serves as one of ChemCentral’s Senior Chemical Management Specialists. Karina received her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from San Francisco State University. Having worked in the testing industry and at a number of labs and stockrooms, Karina has used her experience to help develop the current ChemCentral workflow. She works closely with RSS and vendors to provide labs with the resources necessary to conduct their research and improve the handling and management of chemicals within UCSF. 



Cyrill Ace Embudo

Senior Chemical Management Specialist

Cyrill Ace Embudo is one of ChemCentral's Senior Chemical Management Specialists on the team. Cyrill was part of the initial launch of the ChemCentral program and helped work on the overall structure and development of what ChemCentral is and strives to be. With years of team leader experience and working at ThermoFisher Scientific, he utilizes everything he has learned and implements it into our program to contribute to a safer and more sustainable work enviroment for UCSF's research community.