Visit one of our ChemCentral stores located in various campuses in UCSF!

We have multiple different store locations all across UCSF. Each location offers the most commonly bought reageants and are sold at a cheaper price than BearBuy. We strive to be the most convenient and cheapest option for researchers by cutting down wait times and fees for shipping and handling. 

Have any suggestions of chemicals that you would like to see us carry at store? The program is happy to consider new items. However, due to limited space ChemCentral can only carry items that are beneficial to the overall research community that it serves. Please send requests to [email protected] and we will evaluate their suitability.

Our newest location will be opening up in Byers Hall/Genentech Hall late 2024 to early 2025! Select a location to learn more!

Byers Hall & Genentech Hall


 Pride Hall

 Weill Neurosciences