ChemCentral stockrooms are the center of our program. Here you can buy various chemicals and lab plastics, receive your packages, and pickup clean lab coats. Stop by one of our stockrooms and see what we have to offer!

Chemicals and Lab Plastics Stockroom

Our stockrooms are fully stocked with the most commonly purchased chemicals specific to our different campus locations. The prices for items sold at ChemCentral match or are lower than the prices on BearBuy. We also have partnered with Polycarbin to carry their sustainable lab plastics and have them available for sale. We have Polycarbin samples in each of our stockrooms. Come down with your pipettes and test out the product before deciding to purchase them!

ChemCentral can also provide labs with RFID tags for chemicals if their lab needs them. We can also delete your used RFID tags from your lab's inventory. Just stop by our stockrooms and drop it off into our "Used Inventory Tags" container.


Each of our stockroom locations has a 24/7 Self-Checkout Station where you can purchase our products directly with no wait time. As long as you have a Risk and Safety account set up with us, you will be able to come down to our stockroom at your convenience to make any purchases needed. To get access to our ChemCentral stockrooms, fill out our SmartSheet form and we will be able to grant access within 24 hours.                                                                     

Here is a Self Check-Out Guide with instructions on how to use a Self-Checkout Station. Select a location below to find it's location specific product list!                                                                           ChemCentral Parnassus            ChemCentral Pride Hall            ChemCentral Weill 


Lab Coat Distribution

Lab coat distribution and laundry service is now handled by ChemCentral. 

UCSF Campus employees and researchers will be able to obtain clean lab coats, in their size, as soon as they want and need it! To reduce inconvenient wait times due to laundry servicing and sorting, UCSF will no longer be providing personalized assigned lab coats. 

Simply bring in your used lab coat to a ChemCentral location, drop off the used coat, select a clean one, and scan it using our self-checkout kiosk! Don’t worry lab coats and laundry service will still be free of cost! 

Click here for more information!

Dry Ice Orders

*Due to insufficient cost recovery, ChemCentral has now discontinued the dry ice service at our Pride Hall location. Effective 3/4/24*


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